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Gang tooling offers increased productivity *Definition of "Gang Tooling":

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Gang tooling is a tooling method for CNC lathes in which multiple tools are chambered on a toolholder that is controlled by a cross slide*.  Rather than being indexed, as on a turret lathe, the slide repositions as each tool is engaged in the tooling sequence. A type of tooling on a CNC lathe in which tools are mounted directly to a cross slide.  The tools are never indexed but are affixed to the slide, which repositions to enable each tool to cut parts.

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Tooling a CNC gang tool lathe differs greatly from turret type lathes.  Most tool holders available for other types of lathes do not work well with the gang type.  The tooling and holders have been selected after years of experience with tooling gang style lathes. They take best advantage of the lathes ability to be changed over and the requirement that the tooling must be compact.

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